Welcome to the Greater Louisville Community Branding Project's Web Site. Everybody who lives and works in Greater Louisville knows what a special place this is. Most of us wouldn't even consider moving anyplace else. And just about everybody who's visited here over the years remembers us warmly and positively.

Over the past decade in particular, we've come a long way — the Louisville of today is barely recognizable as the Louisville of ten or fifteen years ago, and we're no longer an outside contender from the Midwest: things are happening; Louisville has created a buzz.

People are starting to ask: "Louisville? What's that all about?"

Late in 2005, a public / private partnership of civic leaders got together to figure out how to take advantage of Louisville's increasing relevance to America. And it became clear that if a city was to establish its presence in the nation's skyline, it had to do more than just run periodic campaigns draped with short-term slogans. What it had to do was uniquely define itself and then successfully and continuously deliver its brand to the public, the business community, and, indeed, the nation.

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